Cosmic Fog Berry Trio E-juice Review

Raspberries are one of the most popular berries in vape form because of their very mouthwatering taste. There are tons of raspberry blends in the market today, ranging from candied blue raspberry to sweet Raspberry iced tea. But your raspberry journey won’t be complete without giving Berry Trio by Cosmic Fog a try.

“An electric blend of red, white, and golden raspberries combined with an old time touch of sweet huckleberry creates the ultimate juicy blend. The battle of the berries is finally over and BERRY TRIO took the Platinum medal.”

As you may have already deduced from its flavor name, this vape juice not only has one but three kinds of raspberries mixed all together. It is an awesome combination of white, red, and golden raspberries with a dash of huckleberry juice. I love how the raspberries are perfectly ripened in order to produce a juicy and sweet taste. This trifecta of flavors tastes natural, fresh, and clean. It’s as if the berries were just picked from the shrub and squeezed straight into the bottle.

Berry Trio contains both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol at a ratio of 70/30 percent. It is advisable to vape this Cosmic Fog vape liquid using either a sub ohm tank or with a rebuildable atomizer (RDA) if you want to get the best results. And since this is max VG content, this vape juice produces thick clouds of vapor. What’s more, the clouds of vapor you get from vaping this premium e-liquid blend are full of flavor. The very pleasant aroma will also make you drool and crave for more.

Cosmic Fog’s Berry Trio comes with different nicotine levels. You can buy Berry Trio with 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg of nicotine. It is important to note though that unlike many dessert vape juice flavors on the market today, this e-liquid does not have any harsh effect on the throat. The kind of throat hit you get from vaping this is actually dependent on the nicotine strength level so make sure you find the right strength for you. The process might require some experimentations, but trust me, it will be worth it in the end.

If you are someone who has never vaped before, then 0 mg of nicotine is for you. This also suits smokers who are trying to quit nicotine use. The 3 mg is starting to become the go-to level for many vapers. This is usually preferred by those who are using sub ohm devices or those trying to wean their selves down to zero. The 6 mg level is the targeted strength most vapers want to eventually attain. However, I would not recommend vapers who are using RDAs to go beyond the 6 mg level.

Berry Trio comes in a black-colored bottle with a child-resistant cap. Wrapped around the bottle is also a black label with white letterings. The label displays necessary product information including the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, size, VG/PG ratio, and the usual warnings. Presentation-wise, Cosmic Fog opted for a cool yet straightforward look.

You can find Berry Trio e-juice by Cosmic Fog in just about any vape shop, both physical and online stores. But to catch some good e-juice deals, head over to Smokly and buy a 60-mL bottle of Berry Trio for as low as $21.95 only.

Berry Trio is a part of the Platinum Collection of Cosmic Fog. There are seven other dessert vape juice flavors in this lineup, including Sour Melon, Sonset, Shocker, Chewberry, Chill’d Tobacco, Sonrise, and Tropic Splash. This lineup represents the peak of Cosmic Fog’s unmatched skills and knowledge of crafting distinct and well-balanced blends. Cosmic Fog Vapor is based in Orange County, California. Behind the name is a group of elite juice-makers who want to set a standard of what premium e-juices actually are. Its artisans actually got their experiences from the culinary industry, and it takes them at least 7 months to develop each blend. This means these juice mixers made sure that the vape juices won’t easily tire the tongue.

Overall, hands down to this berry incredible vape juice. I had a splendid vaping experience using the Smok Mag 225W TC. I am highly recommending this to all fruit lovers out there. Do yourself a favor and enjoy each puff of this honest-to-goodness blend.

Black Note Sonata Ejuice Review

Want an authentic tobacco vape juice with an extra sweet twist? Give Black Note Sonata a try! You will never regret this decision as you enjoy the unique mixture of sugar, honey, and rum blended with Cavendish tobacco.

“Cavendish tobacco is naturally sweet and bursting with robust flavors, this e-juice is produced by a specialized cutting and curing process that’s been in use for the past 400 years. Dark Virginia tobacco makes up the base of this blend, which is fire-cured and steamed to bring out a brilliant intensity.”

I bet reading the profile description alone already makes you want to visit New Zealand Vape Shop. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to try a fire-cured premium Virginia tobacco that is specially stored to keep its flavor intact?

Black Note Sonata is a delicious combination of delicate sweetness, nutty aromas, and dark but warm tobacco taste. On the inhale, your taste buds will grace the taste of dark tobacco. Then shortly thereafter, a soothing sweetness with a gentle warm tobacco splash will follow. I have to admit that Sonata possesses one of the strongest hits and may not be everyone’s thing, but this is definitely worth a try. But without a doubt, this looks appealing to smokers as it is comparable with cigarette household names like the Natural American Spirit.

Black Note Sonata gives a pretty solid throat hit, but it will still do well as an all-day vape. The taste is not overwhelming on the throat even for first timers. No scratchy throat feeling or nose tingling sensation. Another interesting fact is that this ain’t like your typical earthy based flavor that leaves a nasty taste on the mouth. Its faint nutty aftertaste in fact will only make you want to vape for more.

This vape juice produces a good amount of vapor too, and both flavor and cloud chasers are going to be pleased. Black Note Sonata can give off an intense flavor without losing the strong hit. Clouds are aromatic, huge, and dense. They do not disappear immediately too. Sonata is a blend of 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% propylene glycol.

Black Note Sonata comes in four different nicotine strengths. It is available in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg of nicotine. The 3 mg level is a stop off on the way to becoming nicotine-free. The 6 mg level suits vapers who are gradually cutting down their nicotine consumption. The 12 mg level is intended for occasional or light smokers. However, most smokers won’t get enough nicotine if they start on this level. Black Note usually recommends the 18 mg version, which offers a nice dose of nicotine. This is said to be ideal for smokers who consume a pack a day.

You can grab your own 30-mL Black Note Sonata for as low as NZD $37.99 at For its price, Black Note clearly does not fall within the price range of average vaping liquids. However, when you really come to think of it, the high value can easily outweigh the investment in pure tobacco taste.

Overall, I would give Black Note Sonata two thumbs up. I am also highly recommending this especially for previous smokers who are missing the taste of tobacco. In case you have never tasted a Cavendish tobacco before, then this is your best shot. Flavor is spot on and delicious with a pretty strong throat hit. Vapor/cloud production is good. If you love tobacco, this is a perfect all-day vape. I super love the classic and vintage look of its packaging. It makes me want to collect the bottles and put them on display.

Meanwhile, a lot of eliquid makers have attempted to create authentic tobacco based ejuices but only few were deemed successful. Black Note is one of those few and it boasts that the only thing different about its products is everything. Black Note claims that its tobacco flavors are naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves. Its products undergo a six-week cold maceration process to extract the tobacco essences. What’s more, the company contains “nothing you cannot pronounce.” In other words, all Black Note products do not contain any chemical additives, flavor enhancers, colorings, sweeteners, or other chemicals like Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin, Acrolein, etc.

Happy vaping!