Smok Alien Baby AL85 Review

Smok has already released the Alien kit and the smaller version is its latest product. Smok Alien AL85 is one of the most popular among its devices and it already is available online. You can check this product and order it at the Vapebox website.

The Kit Contents and Product Specs

You get the Smok Alien AL85 and a TFV V8 Tank when you purchase this Vape Starter Kit. Its tank has 3ml e-juice capacity which is just right for its size. There is a pre-installed V8 Baby Q2 Core 0.6 dual coil included in the kit and a replacement one. Included in this kit is also the user manual and a USB cable for charging. It also has an assortment of spare parts that can be used on the mod.

Once you get a hold of the Alien Baby AL85 Kit, you will notice that it is light since it only weighs 120 grams. It also is 71mm by 48mm by 27mm in size. Its voltage range is between 0.35 V and 8.0 V and you are able to set its coils according to the mode. If you are using the TC Mode, the coil resistance can be set at 0.06-3.00 ohms. If you use the Wattage Mode the coil resistance can be set at 0.1-3.0 ohms. Alien Baby AL85 can work well on a temperature control between 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Important Points

You will be amazed at how this device can deliver a sustained power in producing thick clouds even with its small size. It also can deliver great taste from your e-juices with the power that it has. The TFV V8 Tank is just enough to produce vapors for the device. This is definitely one of the best mods on the market today with its small size.

You are able to easily hold the device since it fits right in your hands and can carry it anywhere you go. Its size is smaller than the previous versions from Smok and it is elegantly looking. Once you use this mod, you will notice that there are several settings that you can use it with. It is really a good mod that you can use to vape all day.

This Vape Starter kit has several colors that you can choose from these colors have a really elegant finish to it that you will want one of your own. The colors available for this mod are black/gunmetal, red/gold, and black/gold. It has a decorative finish that really looks good. The good news is this mod can be used with any type of e-juice which is so cool.

You can see that on the home screen, you are able to adjust the wattage of the device. There is also an option in adjusting the vaping mode of the mod. If you use this device with 60W of power, you are able, to make it last of up to five hours. If you use this mod with a lower wattage power, then it can last longer than five hours.


 The Smok Alien Baby AL85 is a smaller version of the Smok Alien that came out previously. Considering its small size, the device works well and is really powerful. It has been made to deliver the best vapor and taste and is one of the best mods available on the market today. What’s cool is the device can easily be carried around because the size fits perfectly in your hands. It also has several colors with an elegantly designed finish which is awesome. You would want to have one of your own. You also need not worry if the battery power of the device will last longer because you can always carry a spare battery when you are on the go. If you are one that wants to bring your vape when traveling, this is the right one for you. It fits in your bag and is not bulky. Smok definitely made this device with quality materials because it looks superb and is powerful considering the mod’s size. This Vape Starter Kit is worth it and is very affordable. You can get one at Vapebox’s website for only $60.00. It is time to get one for our own use of the mod now.


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