Review of 5 of the Best Glass Bongs Under $100

It is possible to get a top-quality bong even if you are working on a tight budget today. Finding the best glass bongs on the market is just like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This is why you need to buy your glass bongs and smoking accessories from only top headshops like HaSmoke. This online store has a large collection of bongs, glass bubblers, nectar collectors and other smoking kits. Most cheap bongs that you will find on the market are of poor quality, but that is not the case with the bongs on the HaSmoke store. In this review, we will look at five of the top bongs under $100 that you will find at this store.

Straight Glass Bong With Arm-Tree Percolator and Ice-Catcher

This is a solid bong that is made of thick scientific glass and has an 18mm joint. It has a thick, wide base which gives it balance. The bong is designed with a nice thick-lipped mouthpiece that is a delight to use. It comes with 3-pinch ice catcher to hold ice cubes and cool down the smoke before it reaches your mouth. What makes this bong stand out from all the others in the same price range is its multiple percolators. It comes with three different percolators. When you take a hit, the smoke travels through a coil percolator and then a honeycomb percolator before going up to an 8-arm tree percolator for thorough filtration. This just about guarantees that you will get ultra smooth hits from this bong and you will see lots of bubbles in action with each drag. This bong is going for $55.

Straight Tube Bong With Double Tree Percolators

This 16 inches tall bong deserves to be categorized as a work of art. It has a 90-degree 18mm female joint and a thick broad base. What’s more, it features a nice flared mouthpiece with beaded designs on the neck. This bong is made of clear glass but has some color accents. It comes with two 8-arm tree percolators. When you take a hit, the smoke travels through both percolator before going through the ice catcher area. There is a splashguard above the percolators to keep the water from going up into your mouth. You can get this bong for just $55. It comes with blue or green color accents.

Beaker Base Bong With Four UFO Percolators

This is another fantastic bong that is priced way under $35. It is made of thick clear glass and measures 13.5 inches tall. It comes with an 18mm dry herb bowl and an 18mm female joint. It has a small flared mouthpiece. When you take a hit on this bong, the smoke travels through the three UFO percolators at the base of the bong and then goes up to the single UFO percolator for one final round of filtration before going up to the mouthpiece. You will get soft hits from this bong. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced bong users.

Cheap Beaker Base Bong With Removable Diffused Downstem

This simple glass bong is designed to give you clean, cool hits. It is made of clear 6mm scientific glass and measures 12 inches tall. The bong has a wide base so you won’t have any issues balancing it. It comes with a removable 18mm bowl which is attached to a diffused downstem. When you take a hit from this bong, the smoke travels through the downstem where it undergoes filtration before traveling up the neck of the bong. There is a three-pinch ice catcher on the neck of the bong for holding ice to cool down the smoke further before it reaches your mouth. You can get this bong for only $49.

Straight Glass Bong With 8-Arm Tree Percolator

This straight glass bong measures 13 inches tall and is made of thick glass. It comes with dual percolators. First, the smoke will go through a honeycomb percolator before going through a 6-arm tree percolator for another round of filtration. The bong also features an ice catcher so you can put some ice cubes into the tube. This is a sleek glass bong that will give you cool, smooth hits. It costs only $39.90.

You will find many other affordable smoking bongs for sale on the HaSmoke store.

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