Revenge Deal – Save 55%!

The custard taste that everyone loves in a graham cracker is so palatable in this e-juice, the only thing missing is the crunch of taking a bite of the real thing.  Vaping this flavor is much like eating a cracker from the box or when you mix it you can have the vanilla custard pie flavors you love such as cheesecake and smore’s any time you vape!The slightly crust baked sweet cousin of of this juice  rich and smoky tobacco flavor will charm you from the first puff with hints of burnt stellar and vanilla that combine with a smooth, mesquite vapor. Great for everyday and a staple for many,Revenge  is a signature flavor that is truly like no other Smoke Juice.

  • High Quality, PG-based Smoke Juice
  • Made in America
  • All ingredients sourced from American companies
  •  Usually ships same day

Best Flavor, Best deal!

Sweet and spicy scent is what you will experience with the first whiff of this e-liquid it’s totally mouthwatering.Your favorite bedtime snack flavor can now be an all-day vape with Revenge by Cape Fear Juice . The goodness of this favorite snack comes out on both inhale and exhale with the ability to give vapers the exact throat hit they are looking for.


  • Great E-juice for all day vape
  • The taste will stand out as the fullness of the vape’s hit and vapor production
  • Really good e-juice



  • Small volume

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