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As the first topic of interest on our new All American vape blog,  we would like to address the current and controversial topic of
… battery safety.

Battery safety is, and continues to be an ongoing ‘hot-button’ subject of very real concern for all manufacturers and vendors in the e-cig industry.
As consumers,  we all  use batteries everyday  in a  countless, variety of ways, whether in laptops,  remotes, smoke detectors, cell phones, etc . And we use them with  microscopic thought or concern in regards
To our personal safety, because we trust them to be ‘safe.’
And we feel ‘safe’ using them until an unfortunate situation arises…such as the recent exploding battery incident in Florida.

All American vape understands and appreciates the inherent necessity of venting e-cig devices, to avoid another possible ‘exploding battery’ recurrence.

Some EC-in manufacturers (ourselves included)   have chosen to vent their units thru the battery cap.
Other manufacturers have chosen to vent through other various openings located on their devices.
However,  all venting we have seen thus far appears to be an insufficient preventative measure.

We  read a recent post on a vapers forum indicating that  the use of 3-4 vertical slots approximately 2 inches long
down the length of a battery tube, would serve as an adequate means of ventilation.

However….We disagree.

In principle, this doesn’t appear to be practical to us.

The reason being that cylindrical batteries are created from a ‘drawn’ solid can. ‘Drawn’ cans are produced through the use of a stamping/pressure process.

At the end of the battery-making process,  the anode (+) end of the battery is then ‘fitted’  onto the battery itself.

The anode (+) end of the battery,  has a vent that allows for expansion and contraction of the interior chemicals contained within the battery itself.
If a runaway battery should suddenly become chemically unstable, it will then begin to vent any excessive gasses.

However, the gasses will only vent through the anode (+) end.  For that reason,  vertical slotting logically serves no real purpose.
In a tube containing a  battery that has begun to overheat ( or runaway),  the battery will immediately start to expand.

In turn, this will start effectively sealing off any gap/slots, that may initially have provided ventilation between the inner tube wall and the batteries.

We at All American vape feel that a potentially better alternative would be to incorporate as much venting as possible near the anode (+) ends of stacked units.

We have included photos that were recently taken of both our  Joker and Turbo-XL units.
Please note the slotted openings that we have specifically designed to vent in the location of the battery anodes (+) contained within each model.

All American vape enjoys hearing from fellow vapers, and we welcome your thoughts and comments.

We ask only that you avoid the use of profanity, & refrain from angry rants/rhetoric when leaving your comments.

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