In Review: V3 Rebuildable

A reader wrote in asking for a review of the V3 and unlike most things I am asked to review I actually have one! So lets review the living crap out of the V3:

The V3 rebuildable atomizer is purpose build for dripping and comes with a 510 connection. This particular one is sourced to Rainbow Heaven, theres probably copies of it from other companies of varying quality, hopefully (doubtfully) this review should cover most of them.
Build Quality:

Theres three versions of this atomizer in different finishes: chrome, stainless and gold (colored) and while I have seen them sold as “stainless steel” atomizers it is I think important to know that they are plated and not solid stainless. I could not find a mention of the material used for the gold colored plating but its safe to assume its not really gold. Considering the price of $19.99 I paid for mine the choice of materials is quite good. The treading is smooth and the accuracy of the machining is quite nice, the macro shots reveal a few imperfections but to the eye it looks pretty good.

The airhole in mine even lines up perpendicular to the coil which I was very happy with. Its also considerably low so it pulls the air through the coil itself. Speaking of holes; aside some of the bigger drip tips I own (some of my drip tips are on the heavy side) most drip tips work just fine on it.

Securing the resistance wire to the atomizer is achieved with the simplest solution so far, like many rebuildables, two tiny little screws. They are cheap, easy to loose and dont look the part. Not surprising that I dont like them. This is where critiquing gets too easy however; I dont like the little screws and would have preferred a better solution but I dont know what it would be or what I dont like about it! In an ideal world a review should come with suggestions on how the product can be improved and when it comes to this point I have nothing.. nada, ziltch. (then again I believe that in an ideal world I should be allowed to punch idiots in the neck with a chainsaw)

I use a little hybrid setup in my dripping rebuildables consisting of a tiny bit of stainless mesh wrapped around the silica wick in the section that holds the coil. This allows me to use slightly more wick without the horrible taste that follows it. In a rebuildable like the Phoenix this comes in handy since I tend to use the little bowl that is formed by the base to over-drip in. The base part of the V3 is completely flat so my over-dripping becomes almost instantly noticeable.

It looks good! I like it. It even has a little eGo cone that would fit nicely into the lower groove without making it look silly but to this day I have yet to see a vendor that includes the completely unthreaded cone with the atomizer. I suppose the additional 20c cost is more important than I had thought. For the photos I used a cone from a different rebuildable, it almost fits but the chrome plating is a bit shinier than the stainless steel on the V3

I have a little selection of dripping rebuildables and they all vape pretty much the same, because they all are pretty much the same! Once you find a setup for them that you are happy with they will vape almost as good as an atomizer; depending on how demanding you are on your vape. The V3 is no exception. It will give out quite a bit of vapor and good flavor, just dont expect as much flavor as you would get from a nice reliable 901.. or 306.. possibly a 510 but I havent used one in almost a year so dont quote me on that one.


For a $15-20 rebuildable this is one of the best ones Ive seen. It vapes like any other rebuildable and unlike a lot of them the stainless finish is quite durable so you wont need a second one within a week. I would like to see the eGo cone and a spare set of those tiny screws ship with the atomizer, if it is a problem of the profit margin I personally would have preferred those bits instead of this crappy drip tip I got with it, maybe its just me.

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