PAX 3 Vaporizer Review

The Pax 3 Vaporizer is the successor of the widely acclaimed Pax 2 Vaporizer. The PAX 3 features a stylish design and is manufactured using advanced vaporization technology. It is easy to use and capable of mind-blowing performance. This device is compact, stylish, and looks somewhat similar to lipstick. This modern and portable cannabis vaporizer can be used to vape loose leaves and concentrates. The heat-up time of this advanced device is about 30 seconds. It has 4 pre-set temperature levels. The PAX 3 has a rounded rectangle body. It is about 4 inches tall, and fits well in your hands.

The PAX 3 Vaporizer has no button on the body. You can see petal lights on the front side of the device and magnetic connections on the backside. The chassis is constructed using anodized aluminum. It is available for purchase in glossy and matte finishes. This device is powered by a 3500mAh battery. You can use it for about 10 sessions, each session lasts around 10 mins, before recharging. The performance of the battery and its life is very impressive.

You can use the device to vape dry herbs as well as concentrate. When you start vaping after inserting the concentrates, the first few hits will be mind-blowing. The vapor quality slowly deteriorates afterward. You can feel a little warmer vapor towards the end of the session. Overall, in my experience, the PAX 3 delivers a fantastic vaping experience.  This device comes with four preset temperatures – 182C, 193C, 204C, and 215C. However, you can set a fifth temperature setting according to your preference which should be customized anywhere between 182C and 215C.

The PAX 3 comes with two mouthpieces – a flat mouthpiece and a raised mouthpiece. A full-oven lid and a half-oven lid are provided with the device. The full oven lid can hold 0.35 grams of dry herbs while the half oven lid can hold only 0.15 to 0.20 grams of dry herbs. If you want to take a couple of hits only, you can use the half oven lid to load the required herbs. It is not possible to use the same herbs for multiple sessions. Once you start vaping, the dry herbs in the oven can’t be reused. A separate lid is provided to load concentrates.

The PAX 3 is equipped with advanced features such as lip sensing technology and haptic feedback. Lip sensing technology helps to identify the number of continuous draws you took and the time taken between each draw. Haptic feedback function makes the vaporizer vibrates to indicate the status. Temperature can be adjusted through the smartphone application. If you are not using the app, you can simply press the mouthpiece for 2 seconds to enter temperature mode and adjust the temperature.

The PAX 3 Vaporizer is available for sale at the Westcoast Vape Supply for just $249.99. Westcoast Vape Supply is one of the leading online vape stores in the US for vaping products and accessories.

Review of Vapir No2 Vaporizer

The No2 vaporizer by Vapir is one of the best weed vaporizers on the market. The fact that this vaporizer is still highly rated although it has been on the market for many years proves that it is an exceptional device. The No2 has a very simple design, and it is easy to use.

The Vapir No2 stands out for many reasons. First, it has a unique appearance. The vaporizer looks more like a water bottle than a vaping device. While it is quite big, it has an ergonomic design so you can hold it comfortably for a long time. The middle section of the device is smaller than the top and lower section. Also, it has a perfectly round shape, so it fits in a grip nicely. The No2 is largely made of plastic so is not heavy.

The mouthpiece of this vaporizer contributes to give it a water bottle appearance. The device comes with two tubes – one glass and one plastic – that you can attach to allow the vapor cool down before it reaches your mouth. The glass tube is the best if you want smooth, cool vapor. Also, since glass is not damaged by hot vapor, you do not have to worry when you turn up the wattage.

The heating chamber of this vaporizer is located under the mouthpiece. To access this chamber, you simply need to remove the mouthpiece. The chamber is made of medical grade stainless steel and pure brass. Vapir does not recommend filling the chamber to the brim with herb because it could affect the circulation of airflow. The device comes with several accessories like a cleaning brush, herb scooper, and stirring sticks so that you can conveniently clean the chamber.

Another remarkable feature of the Vapir No2 is that it supports variable temperature. The maximum temperature that this device supports is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a small LCD screen on the vaporizer that shows your chosen temperature. The screen also displays the battery level of the device. You can change the temperature using the buttons located under the screen. This vaporizer automatically stores your selected temperature each time you turn it off. Whenever you put it back on, it will go back to that same temperature level.

The operation of the Vapir No2 is pretty straightforward. There is an on/off switch on the body of the device that you need to slide to turn it on. When the device comes on, the LCD screen will show your temperature. To heat up the heating chamber, you need to press the power button under the screen. The heating up time of this vaporizer is only 60 seconds. It has a faster heat up time than many other vaporizers out there. A red light comes on above the LCD screen when the device is heating up. The light changes to green once it has finished heating up so you can load your herb and start vaping.

One of the only cons that vapers have found with this device is that after you heat it up, you have to vape it quickly because the vapor will continue to escape slowly unless you turn it off. There is an auto shut-off feature on this device, but it is only activated after 20 minutes. To avoid wasting your herb, turn off the device if you are not going to use it for a long time.

The battery life of the No2 is not bad. A full battery can last up to an hour before you will need to recharge. The device comes with a wall charger that you can attach to the device and continue to vape while it is charging. While this means you do not have to end your vaping sessions, charging and vaping at the same time can reduce the lifespan of your battery. You can buy an external charger or a car charger. The battery will recharge a lot faster when you are using an external charger.

If you check out any Vapir No2 review online, you are likely to find lots of positive comments about the device. You can buy the No2 from virtually any top vape store. It is usually priced at $119, but you can get it from Ejuice Pack for only $102.34.

Aspire Speeder Premium Mod Kit 200W TC Review

The Seeker 200W Kit is thought to be Aspire’s response to the Smok Alien 220W Premium Mod Kit 220W TC. While it does not fire up to 220 watts like the Smok Alien, it comes with all the features that you will expect a powerful mod to have. The Aspire Speeder Kit is composed of the Speeder mod and the Aspire Athos tank. This vape kit is not recommended for beginners but rather for intermediate to advanced vapers. The Athos’ tank is every sub ohm vaper’s dream. Whether you are cloud chaser or you are a flavor chaser, you will not be let down by this device.

The dimensions of the Aspire Seeker mod are 88mm by 33mm by 46mm. It comes with an ergonomic rubberized finish and rounded corners which make it nice to hold. There is a spring-loaded 510 connection on top of the mod with a gold-plated pin for attaching your mod. This mod can fit any atomizer with a diameter of 30mm and below.

This mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries. The device can fire from 1 watts to 200 watts. In power mode, the mod can produce up to 8.4 volts. The package includes a micro USB cable for charging the device and for firmware upgrade. This device does not support pass-through, so it is not advisable to vape while it is charging. There are some vent holes at the bottom of the device to keep the battery from overheating.

The Aspire Speeder mod is fitted with a large, stealth firing button like the Smok Alien 220W. The firing button is one of the standout features of this mod. It also comes with a0.96 inch OLED screen. You will find two buttons under the screen for changing the settings of the device. The Speeder has a wattage mode, temperature control mode, and TCR mode. It also comes with a Bypass mode and preheat function. When you turn the mod from side to side, the position of the screen will adjust automatically. In temperature control mode, you can choose from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose from stainless steel, titanium, and nickel coils in temperature control mode. Overall, the Speeder mod is a high-quality device. It does all that you expect from it and more.

The Athos tank that comes with the Aspire Speeder kit can hold 4ml of e-juice. There is a TPD complaint version of this tank for vapers in Europe which can hold only 2ml of e-liquid. The tank has a top fill design. You simply need to unscrew the top cap to reach the top fill port. When filling your e-liquid do not put it into the center of the coil head, or you will get spit back and flooding. Instead, pour your e-liquid into the space on the side. The tank is designed with a glass window so you can see the level of the e-liquid left in your tank. It also comes with a cool glass wide bore drip tip with an extra one in the package.

The Athos tank comes preinstalled with a 0.3 ohms A3 Tri-Coil head. This coil will give you maximum flavor and vapor. If that coil head does not cut it for you, you can buy the 0.16 ohms Penta-coil head.

The Vaporesso Speeder kit is available on the Smokly web store for only $69.95. It comes in silver, black, and white color.

The Vaporesso Speeder kit is just as good as the Smok Alien 220W kit. The only difference between the two is that the former is shy by 20 watts but that it unlikely to make any difference to most vapers.

DaVinci Advanced Personal Vaporizer Review

The Da Vinci Vaporizer is not just a convenient vaporizer that you can use at home, it’s a great portable vaporizer that you can bring with you anytime and anywhere.

Around two weeks ago, I was browsing the online vape shop for some affordable portable vaporizers and I came across the DaVinci Advanced Personal Vaporizer. I decided to buy it. And today, I am writing this  DaVinci Advanced Personal Vaporizer Review because of Im so elated with my purchase. So, let’s get going. Continue reading “DaVinci Advanced Personal Vaporizer Review”