Brief Overview of the Clearomizer Tank

The good

The clearomizer tank is one of the good cartomizers in the e-cig market. The cartomizer has four wicks which gives it the ability to produce thicker vapor than many electronic cigarettes in the market. The vapor produced by this cartomizer is also more flavorful as a result of its added thickness. The cartomizer is shorter than many others making it more comfortable to use. Some cartomizers produce a burning taste after several days of use but the clearomizer causes no choking or burning.

The bad

The electronic cigarette is hailed for making smoking considerably more affordable than when using tobacco cigarettes. When it comes to the clearomizer this advantage appears to fade away. There are several other issues that people mention about the clearomizer tank as shall be mentioned below.

The cartomizer is relatively more expensive than others in the market but it gives the user a more enjoyable smoking experience. This is a weakness that many discerning smokers are willing to overlook since they get exactly what they pay for and sometimes more.
The drip holes of this cartomizer are small and a person has to use a syringe to deliver the e-liquid into the cartridge. The process of refilling the cartomizer therefore has a steep learning curve but once you get used it becomes increasingly simple.
One of the main considerations made by electronic cigarette users is the ease of cleaning a reusable cartomizer. The clearomizer has several methods of cleaning but most of them involve dismantling sensitive parts. These parts may be frustrating to replace and might also get damaged. A person must therefore take extra care while cleaning the unit.
The cartomizer might be prone to leakage of the e-liquid. This may be a nuisance and might interfere with a person’s smoking in order to dry the liquid with a paper towel or to re-inject it with a syringe. The reason is that the holes are designed to allow liquid out and not back in. A slight modification can be done by punching out the holes so that the liquid can go back in. it is also a good idea not to put excess e-liquid into the cartridge.


The design of the clearomizer and its abundance of wicks make it produce some of the best vapor when compared to other electronic cigarettes. The unit is considerably durable and although it needs some getting used to, the smoking experience that it gives is well worth the trouble. The unit might be prone to leakage of the e-liquid but a person should always make sure to transport and store it in an upright position. This will prevent leakage and ensure that the unit is always ready for use when needed.

Just like many other electronic cigarette accessories, the clearomizer is compatible with more than one brand of electronic cigarettes. It is however advisable to use it only with recommended accessories for the best smoking experience. The cartomizer is ideal for people who have used electronic cigarettes for some time. People who have recently started using e-cigs can also try the clearomizer tank.

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