Aspire Zelos 50W Kit Review

Aspire Zelos 50W Kit

If you are someone who is ready to shift from traditional to electronic cigarettes, the Zelos 50W kit is the perfect kit to use. This kit is ideal for vape newbies. The new metal tank sleeve and its eye-catching curved and smooth lined designed are the first things you will notice. It’s so sleek looking.  The Aspire Zelos has the very simple to use top fill function to load the 2ml tank. It has improved flavor production for your vape juice, accurate airflow control, and an elegant design. This kit is lightweight with a high wattage box. It is powered by a long-lasting 2500mah built-in Li-Po Battery, has 50-watt max output, various output modes, a lightweight chassis, compact design and a handy screen rotation feature. This device has a wide variety of settings, yet it is simple to use. The chimney length has been reduced for a more stylish design. In addition, this decreases the distance air and vapor travel from the atomizer to the tip, thus increasing flavor production.

Airflow Control

The Aspire Zelos features a state-of-the-art 5-stage airflow control valve, which can be found at the base of the tank. By twisting the adjustment wheel, you are able to customize the amount of air for your hit. You can increase airflow for airier hits or lessen it for a more tight feel. To eliminate the flooding and gurgling especially when alternating between e-liquid with different levels of vegetable glycerin, its ability to adjust the tank’s air intake is extremely useful.


The body and frame of this wonderful vape kit are made from top-shelf aluminum-zinc metal alloy, which provides strength, durability, resilience, and resistance to corrosion. It’s capable of withstanding the demands of daily heavy use and is extremely lightweight.

The Zelos’ compact design and lightweight anodized aluminum chassis make it the perfect unit with high power to take on the go. It is integrated with a built-in accelerometer and it detects the orientation and automatically rotates the screen accordingly. This device has full temperature control with Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage. These allow the user to increase or decrease the amount of power used by the heating element to vaporize the liquid. This affects the taste, temperature and throat hit. The tank uses a pre-made coil that has been developed for more intense flavor production. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for all users, whether you’re a novice or hardcore vaper.

This sensational device is furnished with temperature control. When paired with an atomizer head that can handle titanium, stainless steel, or nickel coils, you can set and adjust the temperature of the coil itself. Thus, you can adjust the temperature of the vapor that is produced and you will be able to eliminate the possibility of dry or burnt hits. Moreover, the Zelos’ temperature control capability also helps bring out the flavor of your favorite e-juices.

The Nautilus 2 Tank has a large 2ml reservoir. Aspire chose to use premium Pyrex glass rather than plastic to hold your e-juices because glass is entirely invulnerable to damage from some e-liquid’s acidic components, making it best to contain your liquid. As a result, you will have a more intense flavor or your e-juices, cleaner and purer while your tank remains excellent.

Kit includes

  • 1 Nautilus 2 Tank
  • 1 Drip Tip
  • 1 Extra Glass Tube
  • 1 Micro USB Cable
  • Zelos 50W Mod
  • 0.7ohm BVC Coil
  • 4 O Rings



This wonderful Vape Kit comes with 2500mAh internal battery. It has USB Charging port and can be charged using a micro USB up to 1A making it a perfect power source for your unit. Nautilus 2 can be loaded from the top without the need to detach the batteries.

Where to Buy

This Aspire Zelos 50W kit can be ordered online at Vape Supply Club for a fair price. It is available in Black, Silver, and Red. They also sell E-Liquid and Vape Juice Wholesale.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a well-performing, high-quality and stunning Vape Kit, the Aspire Zelos is a wonderful choice. A sleek-friendly design, easy filling system, improved flavor production and stylish modern colors make the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit a fantastic choice.



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