Aspire Zelos 50W Kit Review

Aspire Zelos 50W Kit

If you are someone who is ready to shift from traditional to electronic cigarettes, the Zelos 50W kit is the perfect kit to use. This kit is ideal for vape newbies. The new metal tank sleeve and its eye-catching curved and smooth lined designed are the first things you will notice. It’s so sleek looking.  The Aspire Zelos has the very simple to use top fill function to load the 2ml tank. It has improved flavor production for your vape juice, accurate airflow control, and an elegant design. This kit is lightweight with a high wattage box. It is powered by a long-lasting 2500mah built-in Li-Po Battery, has 50-watt max output, various output modes, a lightweight chassis, compact design and a handy screen rotation feature. This device has a wide variety of settings, yet it is simple to use. The chimney length has been reduced for a more stylish design. In addition, this decreases the distance air and vapor travel from the atomizer to the tip, thus increasing flavor production.

Airflow Control

The Aspire Zelos features a state-of-the-art 5-stage airflow control valve, which can be found at the base of the tank. By twisting the adjustment wheel, you are able to customize the amount of air for your hit. You can increase airflow for airier hits or lessen it for a more tight feel. To eliminate the flooding and gurgling especially when alternating between e-liquid with different levels of vegetable glycerin, its ability to adjust the tank’s air intake is extremely useful.


The body and frame of this wonderful vape kit are made from top-shelf aluminum-zinc metal alloy, which provides strength, durability, resilience, and resistance to corrosion. It’s capable of withstanding the demands of daily heavy use and is extremely lightweight.

The Zelos’ compact design and lightweight anodized aluminum chassis make it the perfect unit with high power to take on the go. It is integrated with a built-in accelerometer and it detects the orientation and automatically rotates the screen accordingly. This device has full temperature control with Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage. These allow the user to increase or decrease the amount of power used by the heating element to vaporize the liquid. This affects the taste, temperature and throat hit. The tank uses a pre-made coil that has been developed for more intense flavor production. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for all users, whether you’re a novice or hardcore vaper.

This sensational device is furnished with temperature control. When paired with an atomizer head that can handle titanium, stainless steel, or nickel coils, you can set and adjust the temperature of the coil itself. Thus, you can adjust the temperature of the vapor that is produced and you will be able to eliminate the possibility of dry or burnt hits. Moreover, the Zelos’ temperature control capability also helps bring out the flavor of your favorite e-juices.

The Nautilus 2 Tank has a large 2ml reservoir. Aspire chose to use premium Pyrex glass rather than plastic to hold your e-juices because glass is entirely invulnerable to damage from some e-liquid’s acidic components, making it best to contain your liquid. As a result, you will have a more intense flavor or your e-juices, cleaner and purer while your tank remains excellent.

Kit includes

  • 1 Nautilus 2 Tank
  • 1 Drip Tip
  • 1 Extra Glass Tube
  • 1 Micro USB Cable
  • Zelos 50W Mod
  • 0.7ohm BVC Coil
  • 4 O Rings



This wonderful Vape Kit comes with 2500mAh internal battery. It has USB Charging port and can be charged using a micro USB up to 1A making it a perfect power source for your unit. Nautilus 2 can be loaded from the top without the need to detach the batteries.

Where to Buy

This Aspire Zelos 50W kit can be ordered online at Vape Supply Club for a fair price. It is available in Black, Silver, and Red. They also sell E-Liquid and Vape Juice Wholesale.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a well-performing, high-quality and stunning Vape Kit, the Aspire Zelos is a wonderful choice. A sleek-friendly design, easy filling system, improved flavor production and stylish modern colors make the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit a fantastic choice.



Havoc E-liquid Collection Review

This e-liquid collection is produced by Humble Juice Co an e-juice manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. This company is known for their top of the line vape juices. They provide premium juice at reasonable prices. They have a wide variety of flavor profiles. Also, they are committed to bringing excellent quality e-juices to the vaping market. In doing so, Humble Juice Co. simultaneously aims to give the best price with finer value to their products.

Currently, Humble Juice has three lines of e-liquid varieties. The have the self-titled Humble collection, Hustle collection, and the Havoc collection. The Humble collection has ten flavors, and this is their mid-sized line with 120 ml bottling. Next one would be the Hustle group with six flavors. Finally, the Havoc collection is the super-sized e-liquid from the three. It is packaged in 180 ml sizes. Each collection is available in one size only. The Havoc collection is their gourmet flavor line. They only have four flavors for this. The flavors have kind of interesting names such as Aftershock, Billions, Conspiracy, and Tsunami. Each flavor is curated to give out the best blends, and smooth prowess with every inhale and exhale.

Same as the other two collections, the Havoc has a higher content of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) at 80 mg vs. 20 mg of Propylene Glycol (PG). It does not disappoint as well when it comes to its vapor production. The Havoc line can produce thick and massive clouds that linger. It is a cloud chaser’s dream to experience this. As for the nicotine strength, it’s also available at three levels; 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. I always go on the safe side with 3 mg. I bought one at 6 mg, but I think it’s too high for my preference. I just want to have the smoother crouch on the throat.

Here are the four flavors from Havoc and their description. One thing I like about this vape company is how precise the description is. It’s on point so you know what to expect with each order. My favorite from this collection would have to Conspiracy. It’s the pink Starburst e-liquid! I love that candy flavor. I’m happy to have found an e-juice version of it. The flavor is vigorous and rich. I like how decadent it is but it still does not come out too overwhelming. You can taste the sweetness of the strawberry on the way in then, a hint of creaminess on the exhale.

Aftershock E-liquid

This is another fruity ejuice, naturally cloudy in appearance. A vape masterpiece of pineapple, peach smoothie, and other hints.

Billions E-liquid

This is an all-American baked apple pie flavor.

Conspiracy E-liquid

A sweet strawberry taffy with a nice full flavor.

Tsunami E-Liquid

Ever been to Hawaii? This is a play on the famous POG juice. It’s a fresh blend of guava, passion fruit, and orange.

I have managed to check them out online at I got so many good deals and made  new discoveries. The website look is very clean and easy on the eyes.  It is very easy and simple to navigate. I tried purchasing through the site, and it was a walk in the park. Everything was so efficient and speedy. The best thing is free shipping per se! They offer no charges on US orders more than $19.99. This means they have free shipping as almost all in their catalog are priced above 19 dollars. The Havoc collection itself is priced at $33.99 per 120 ml bottle. What’s even better is how quick it was delivered to my doorstep. I got my haul in only three days. I actually subscribed to their email newsletter to look out for future promotions and deals. I think they offer sale or price off from time to time. For those of you on the lookout for a reliable e-liquid supplier and flavor collection, I believe that we have found the right spot. The Havoc collection from Humble Juice Co is a gem waiting for you to be uncovered.

Broke Dick Water Cup E-Juice Review

Nicotine Level  0mg  3mg  6mg

Bottle size  120 ml

VG/PG   70/30

Price  $22.00


The container of the e-juice is actually pretty simple and has a minimalist vibe to it. No loud colors or too much design on the label, but it’s actually pretty eye-catching. The name in itself is actually enough for people to grab the bottle and examine it. You have to admit that ‘Broke Dick’ is not a usual name for a brand or a label for an e-juice, or any product for that matter. It may seem explicit, but the name is just actually an idiom for someone who has no money (Broke), and the owner’s name (Dick).

The container is actually pretty basic. The e-juice is just placed in a clear plastic gorilla bottle, but what I find amusing is its label. The company’s brand actually has a monopoly game-theme going on. The brand is printed amidst a mustard yellow background with a groovy-looking Monopoly Mayor figure as its brand’s mascot standing above the name. Its trademark is the monopoly card that comes with every purchase of the goods, which makes the brand very easy to remember even if it is your first time purchasing it, and with a name like Broke Dick, it really hard to forget the company.

Despite its simplicity, the container was really pleasing to the eye, and was actually something you would be curious to try out. The label just shows a black and white cartoon figure, a bold brand name amidst a mellow shade of yellow, which is actually a plus for me.

The e-liquid also comes in a 2 big 120ml gorilla bottles with a twist cap, which is a bit of a downer because in order to use the juice, you need to transfer it to an empty unicorn bottle, or you could just use an old screw cap you have lying around.



The brand describes their Water Cup variant as “So flavorful, you’ll want more than a tank full. Simply Fruit Punch, it is delicious, refreshing and an amazing mix of flavours”. The flavour tastes a bit like the Hawaiian Punch we all know so well. The smell of pineapple is overpowering once you open the e-liquid bottle, but on the first hit, the initial taste is a pineapple flavour, then followed by strawberries and hint of a mixed berry flavour, which gives the user an unusually satisfying vaping experience. The inhale gives you more of a fruit punch flavour, with the fruits flavours blending together flawlessly. On the exhale it is more of a pineapple and strawberry mix with a mixed berry punch flavoured base giving the cheap e-juice a Hawaiian Punch flavour. The taste was really spot-on, and is actually pretty solid flavour profile for a cheap e-juice.

Throat Hit

There was a bit of a throat hit on the low nicotine content, but it was pretty smooth. The throat hit was actually pretty mild. You can feel the kick on the first inhale, but that was just it. It wasn’t so harsh that it leaves the throat scratchy. There was little dryness on the exhale, but it did not leave any awful aftertaste. The flavour was full-bodied and it left a bit of a mouth feel, but this wasn’t overpowering. Long deep hits are recommended in order to fully experience the flavour of the e-juice.

Cloud Production

For a 70/30 ratio, although not competition type clouds, the juice had some decent dense cloud production. The clouds actually linger in the air for a quite an acceptable time. Although the flavour fills the air with the scent of Hawaiian Punch, it’s not the kind of super sweet that makes your eyes water. The scent was actually a mild fruity flavour with the predominance of the pineapple and strawberry scent, giving a tropical vibe.


Broke Dick’s Water Cup flavour surpasses all expectations. It was definitely the bomb. The flavour was on point, the throat hit was smooth, the cloud production was great, and a big thumbs-up to the innovative brand and packaging. This juice is truly a premium liquid despite its budget price range. This was truly the best cheap vape juice I’ve had so far. I will definitely be buying this again.


DaVinci Advanced Personal Vaporizer Review

The Da Vinci Vaporizer is not just a convenient vaporizer that you can use at home, it’s a great portable vaporizer that you can bring with you anytime and anywhere.

Around two weeks ago, I was browsing the online vape shop for some affordable portable vaporizers and I came across the DaVinci Advanced Personal Vaporizer. I decided to buy it. And today, I am writing this  DaVinci Advanced Personal Vaporizer Review because of Im so elated with my purchase. So, let’s get going. Continue reading “DaVinci Advanced Personal Vaporizer Review”

Juicy E-Juice Flavors Review

My experience with Juicy E-liquid was very positive. I found their huge selection of juices to be quite wonderful with great taste. Selecting the flavors is a very tough decision as the brand offers more than 65 flavors of e-juices but I played safe and ordered the basic flavor that is the ‘Strawberry’. The flavor of this e-juice is so very basic that you can identify it without even reading the description. Their fruit and tobacco flavors have amassed a huge fan base.

I am happy that I went for the strawberry flavor.  It was flashing with delicious strawberry flavor, not overwhelming but just enough hit to allow smooth vaping. The aroma was fantastic!  The middle strength of 12 mg works best for me but there are five ranges.

  • 0 mg
  • 8 mg
  • 12 mg
  • 18 mg
  • 24 mg

The throat kick of the e-liquids by Juicy eJuice is very impressive. I have tried a number of juices and  Juicy E-Liquid is the best so far. The most stunning part of this juice is its reasonable price in any reputable vape shop or online stores. This one won’t break the bank. $ 16.99 for a 30 ml and $8.49 for a 10 ml. For such high quality, perfect juice aroma, fine throat hit, and a satisfying flavor I feel that this is a steal of a deal.

Their E-juices flavors are divided into four categories

  • Rich E-juice
  • Fruit E-juice
  • Tobacco E-juice
  • Drink E-juice


Some of my personal favorites that I strongly recommend

Banana Nut Bread Juicy e-liquid   It is great with morning coffee as it delivers soothing flavors of nut bread and banana.




Cinnamon Redhots e-liquid   This e-juice can make me crazy with the memories of my notorious childhood when the best thing was eating a cinnamon candy. The Cinnamon Redhot e-juice brings all treasured fun memories back with a happy and playful flavor of cinnamon Redhots Candy.



Chocolate Dee e-liquid   This is a sure decadent delight, with the fusion of rich dark chocolate and massive flavor of rich milk chocolate. I simply follow this rule to cut down my guilt “All you need is love, but a little chocolate then and now doesn’t hurt.”





Sweet Fruit Punch e-liquid  This e juice is surely to die for. In summer its magic is beyond words. This e juice by Juicy E Juice has hints of sweetness and is blended from refreshing and lovely tropical fruit flavors. Tropical fruits have innumerable great qualities in that they are very healthy and at the same time very delicious. The Sweet Fruit Punch gives everything you expect from a Sweet Fruit Punch mocktails.


Champagne Celebration e-liquid   Cranberries are a very popular and loved part of many holiday celebrations. They’re used cranberry drinks, cranberry sauce, stuffing, desserts, and casseroles. The Champagne Celebration e-liquid is blended with cranberries and celebrates the most loved taste of champagne. What more to ask for when you get everything in a mere e-liquid? Cheers to this Champagne Celebration e-liquid!


Some Others

Strawberry Cheese Cake  If you love strawberry then you will go nuts for this e-juice. Every time you inhale will delight your naughty taste buds with the rich creamy flavor of Strawberry Cheesecake.

Smooth Honey Tobacco  This is a classic and universally loved e-liquid flavor. This juice impeccably delivers the full flavor, essence, soul, and gentle feel of Honey Wood Tobacco. It is a kind of a perfume flavor that has slight hints of wood, honey, and tobacco. It is a bit of a lighter flavor compared to regular tobacco.

Smooth Blueberry Tobacco  We all know of the goodness of Blueberries. This tiny fruit boosts our brain, prevents diseases and even softens harsh skin. When this wonder fruit combines with smooth tobacco, the deadly combo can turn anyone on. This e-juice by Juicy E Juice delivers the rich and full flavor of traditional tobacco with slight hints of blueberry.

Juicy E Juice offers a huge array of best e juice flavors, and while some are nicotine free, some are available with nicotine.  Depending on your individual consumption of nicotine you work on daily, you can comfortably choose the nicotine strength. The different strengths of nicotine offered in Juicy E Juice are:

  • None  0
  • Extra Light  8
  • Light  12
  • Regular  18
  • High  24

For your best vape juice experience consider this juice. It’s derived from very high quality and natural ingredients that are customized in USA and Canada. The e-liquids of Juicy E Juice have PG 67% and VG 33%.

Review: Minotaur Peanut Butter Cookie E-Liquid by Cyclops Vapor

Product Name: Minotaur (Peanut Butter Cookie E-Liquid) Manufactured by Cyclops Vapor, USA.


    • Weight: 0.30 LBS
    • Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
    • Size: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz
    • PG/VG Blend Ratio: 35%PG /65%V
    • Flavor Note: Peanut Butter Cookie, Caramel

Long has the Minotaur guarded the Labyrinth, protecting a mystical treasure. Now, reach the center of this delicious maze of flavor, featuring a smooth and creamy peanut butter cookie e-juice with notes of caramel drizzle to please even the most monstrous palette.


Review of Cyclops Vapor Minotaur

Peanut Butter Cookie is one of those flavors that I had been asked to review previously, by several people. As a result, Cyclops Vapor had been on my list of vendors for the next round of juice purchases, but I was having a hard time keeping up with vendor submissions, so getting to a point when I could make that rather large purchase, while still ensuring I’d be able to stay on top of what I had waiting for review, was not easy.

I’ve only once seen local shops carrying the high discharge batteries I need; it’s rare for me to find the re-building gear I need or even the simple, quality 510 drippers I use on my ProVari rig. Nevertheless, I usually feel obligated to check these stores out, and if they are real people, in it for the right reasons, selling merchandise at a reasonable markup, I usually buy something, if only to patronize the business and help them to grow into a successful shop.

So it happened that I walked into this combination tobacco/vaping store, only to stumble upon a rather large selection of Cyclops Vapor juice, including this one, the juice that’s been on my list for quite some time, Minotaur. I took full advantage of the small tasting bar they had set-up, even if it meant utilizing a cartomizer for the first time in at least 18 months, and it was then and there that I had my first taste of Minotaur.

From that very first taste, vaped on an eGo topped with a clearomizer, I knew this was going to be a rather long review, but one I needed to get to work on.

I purchased a large bottle, brought it home, gave it a good long shake followed by a little air, and placed it in the steeping drawer, eager for the mandatory steeping time to elapse so that I could get to work on my first bottle.

When the day arrived, three long weeks later, I was a bit surprised to find it needed some additional time with the cap off. Every bottle reviewed (excepting those that the vendor expressly request be considered without steeping) undergoes the same steeping process that includes a night in the steeping drawer, topless.

This bottle of Minotaur still seemed to possess a bit of that boozy overtone that some flavor concentrates bring along, but after an additional night being uncapped in the drawer, it was a bit better and ready for review. I had several freshly built attys to choose from (after having spent the previous evening rebuilding), so I opted for my Helios, built with dual 28ga kanthal coils (.63Ω) on XC-116, and placed it atop my Duke. Some juices taste very different in an RBA vs. a cartomizer, but this e-juice maintains precisely the same profile. Only in this rig, the flavors are significantly more pronounced, as one would expect from the significantly increased wattage.

The most dominant flavor in the profile, a very smooth, very realistic and creamy peanut butter cookie, presents immediately on the inhale, providing a sweet, rich foundation for the other flavors to play off of. With a hint of more sweet in the profile, particularly at very high wattage, I suspect there is also a bit of caramel in the mix, lending the peanut butter some additional depth and character. That sweetness I taste could be coming from a sweet style caramel flavor concentrate, but I’m betting, fairly heavily, that it’s an additional caramel note.

Following the robust caramel flavor is a combination of coconut and caramel, both presenting right at the top of the exhale. The coconut is where I suspected the boozy overtone was coming from. It is a higher toned version rather than the creamy style, and the caramel is of the candied variety, almost coming off as a butterscotch type tone.

These two flavors compliment the peanut butter beautifully, adding the level of sweetness, and while I’m not sure that a juice this sweet would serve particularly well as an ADV, it doesn’t seem cloyingly sweet either, more like the kind of decadent peanut butter desserts offered at high-end, high-priced restaurants.

The final prominent component in the profile is one of my favorites, a flavor that works with so many different flavoring components that I’ve seen an awful lot of lately, graham cracker. In this instance, it works particularly well, adding a bready, honeyed quality to the already sweet flavors, further reinforcing that as delicious as this juice is, it may be more suited to an after dinner vape (or perhaps a companion to your morning coffee) rather than an all day vape.

I feel like there is some more going on in the profile, but I’m having a hard time picking out notes beyond the dominating components. At times, I think there may be a creamy element, other times, I believe that there is a nutty tone to the profile, but I can’t be certain about either, and neither is high enough to turn off those vapers who tend to dislike those types of flavors. If they’re in the mix, they are distant background notes, used to enhance the primary components rather than act as individual flavors.

In the ProVari/510 dripping atomizer rig, I preferred to keep this juice on the cooler side, settling in at 9.2w or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atty. This produced an excellent balance of flavor, good throat hit, and a breathtaking cloud from what appears to be at least 60% PG. In the Duke/Helios rig, I found the greatest balance of flavor at ~32 watts, with the AFC half open. This produces an intense amount of flavor, a slightly stronger throat hit, and the requisite cloud that accompanies almost any at that wattage.

The overall vape has a thick, creamy quality to it, making me think there could be some whipped cream or even a touch of coconut in the mix, but neither are prevalent in the flavor department, installing only a full, lush mouthfeel to the vapor. The peanut butter cookie profile is not one of big, robust flavors, but lighter, more delicate flavors that come together to form a sweet, elegant, ethereal vape juice.

Available in 1oz,2oz,4oz bottles with new flavors rolling out regularly.
Buy now for $13.99

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